Martha K. – Suwanee, GA

Lisa is a very grounded, perceptive practitioner who has always shared her knowledge in a positive, supportive way. I like her connection and devotion to Angels and the way that she stays connected to the earth, in her life and as a Reiki healer. She is straightforward and balanced in a way that helps emphasize authenticity and integrity for wellness and on your journey as a whole.

Jennifer H. - Cumming, GA

Angel Blessings provides loving, accurate intuitive guidance on any subject of inquiry. Lisa is supportive and open to all topics that a client may ask about. I felt very comfortable and always leave appointments with a positive direction to move in. Lisa recommended classes and supportive groups in the area to help me grow. My first appointment led me on a new transformative life path and I am so very grateful. I highly recommend Angel Blessings.

Marilyn P. - Buford, GA

I enjoyed meeting you and working with you was very good for me. I hadn’t even realized much less verbalized the fact that I was sabotaging myself and feeling guilty. Your recommendations were great. You made me put several things in perspective and reminded me of things I knew to do. I didn’t even realize that I wasn’t grounded. Your handout is wonderful. You provided a wealth of insight and information that I still need to process. I am looking forward to seeing you again soon!

Shelly D. - Woodstock, GA

I'd like to thank you for wonderful evening I attended!! The meditation to meet your guides was so nice. I work with my guides a lot already, so to listen to you, the music, the experience gave me a different perspective which I really appreciated.  You then gave me an Angel Card Reading that really helped me make a decision!!  I was at a crossroads, trying to decide between some decisions with work and expanding my business.  After the reading, I felt as if I had clear guidance in the direction I needed to go.  Plus, one thing you mentioned was I needed to make a decision or I'd miss an opportunity.  When I followed up a couple days later, I was able to move into a slot that was unexpectedly left open! So if I'd waited, I'd have missed the opportunity.  Thank you so much!! I appreciate working with you.

Kristen H. - Atlanta, GA


YOU truly are an asset to my life!  I am so glad we met and when we did.  You have been very instrumental in helping me see what is before me!  I will take some time to meditate and seek Archangel Michael and Archangel Uriel, they keep coming up and I know I am to work with Archangel Michael and am ready to do so.  Thank you again.  Much love, Kristen

Comments by Lisa:  WONDERFUL that Archangel Michael and Archangel Uriel keep coming up, there's a reason!  Archangel Uriel helps us with ideas, guidance, and lights the path.  Archangel  Michael helps us with intentions, manifesting desires, clearing blocks and works well with us while we are asleep.  Is that an A-HA moment or what!!!  Maybe while you are about to go to sleep, saying your prayers, call in both and ask for their help, then begin to visualize your new space, etc.  That should shift things.  Please let me know ...  Much Love & Many Blessings, Lisa

Linda M. - Cumming, GA

When we went back to the Reiki room and I started to lay on the table, I began feeling anxious.  I felt a movement from the door and so looked over and saw nothing.  I started scanning the room, across, up, down...still nothing.  Then a shot of white glowing light came through the doorway and stopped next to you Lisa. The energy was so PURE and STRONG.  The session began and I could feel small energy pulses.  The white glowing energy that was next to you was sending energy and information into me at such a rapid state that I was having a hard time processing it.  I tried so hard to fight the energy/information pulses that I could feel my hands and head start to twitch.  You placed your hands over my heart and then a cool tingling sensation came about and the white glowing light energy pulses started to slowly dissipate.  I went home and to bed, lots of dreams but I can’t remember any of them.  I feel fine today but am left to wonder what happened and if it will ever be revealed to me.

Comments by Lisa:  I feel that Linda experienced the physical presence of one of her Guides/Guardian Angels.  What an AWESOME experience!

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